Monday, 11 November 2013

[News] 'Super Junior-Girls' Generation-2AM' All Idols Gathering On September 1

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[News] 'Super Junior-Girls' Generation-2AM' All Idols Gathering On September 1

2AM, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, MBLAQ, and other top idol groups will be visiting Inchon all together on September 1.

According to a few representatives, top idol groups will be attending the '2013 Inchon K-pop Tour Concert' being held on September 1.

The MCs of the concert will be Yuri and Tiffany of Girls' Generation, and total of 20 idol groups including 2AM, FTISLAND, miss A, ZE:A, Girl's Day, B2ST, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SECRET, SISTAR, MBLAQ, KARA, and T-ara will be performing.

This tour concert, being held for the 5th time since 2009, is being used to promote the city to tourists from oversea countries.

The concert is free and the tickets can be purchased online from August 9 online (

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Girls' Generation Jessica Injured at Hong Kong Airport, Mistaken for a Fan?

Whether this is true or not, it is a sad information to all Girls' Generation's Jessica fans as eyewitness report that she may have suffered an injury while on her way home from their Hong Kong concert.

Numerous fans who saw the incident reported by posting their tweets on what really happened that day. According to them, a security guard pushed Jessica so hard against a handrail as she was proceeding to the departure area. Shocked and hurt by the force, Jessica was found slumped to the floor and seen being picked up by her manager.

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Several photos and videos on that incident were uploaded, Jessica was leaning on her manager's shoulder and traumatized about what happened.

Even though the motive isn't clear, rumors abound that the guard mistook Jessica for fan who sneaked into the cordoned area.Girls' Generation agency, SM Entertainment haven't released any statements about the incident.

Hope that Jessica is in good condition now if the reports are true.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of November 4 -November 10)

Girls Generation Beats Miley Cyrus at the YouTube Music Awards

Take that Miley, Girls Generation beats you at the YouTube Music Awards for "video of the year." CNN wrote an article about the ladies and how they won for their music video, "I Got a Boy." American people were speechless once they found out that a K-Pop group won over Miley. Congrats Girls' Generation!

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In Touch Explains Who Girls' Generation Are

Girls' Generation are getting numerous attention duo to their win at the YouTube Music Awards for their song, "I Got A Boy" being video of the year. In Touch Weekly explained about five things that the American people should know about them. This is definitely giving the ladies more fame as well as attention here in the United States.

Why Girls' Generation Won at the YouTube Music Awards

So the Wall Street Journal had an article on the reason why Girls' Generation won at the YouTube Music Awards for video of the year by beating Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and a few others. The reason is because of candy colored scenery and had a electric mashup. Also, it was their devoted fans as well. Looks like South Korean music will keep on dominating in the US if the music does not improve. Great job though ladies and congrats once again!

Amber and Her Boyish Appearance

LAWeekly had an article regarding about f(x) Amber Liu regarding about her boyish appearance compared to Sulli, Luna, Krystal, and Victoria. Amber truly stands out from the other three in her group regarding about how she dresses. Amber does not plan on dressing up feminine and would rather dress the way she does currently.

K-Pop is Still Making its Mark

Morning Journal had an article regarding about how after one year due to Psy's promotion in the United States, K-Pop is still making its mark in the US. The United States had Girls' Generation and Psy last year and it has impacted everyone globally. Everyone is into the K-wave and it looks like it is not going away anytime soon.

K.Will Earns Number One Spot on the Korean Billboard Top 100

Billboard wrote an article regarding about singer K.Will earning the third spot on the Korean Billboard Top 100 with his single “You Don’t Know Love.” K.Will became the fifth act to earn three or more number one spots since the billboard chart was introduced in summer of 2011. The article goes on to further explain how 31 year old female soloists IU and Lee Hi both have three and trails behind the Indie-pop boy band Busker Busker as well as girl group SISTAR with four number one spots. Congratulations K.Will!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

EXO Loses Best Worldwide Act In EMAs To Chinese Pop Singer, Chris Lee

EXO may have lost Best Worldwide Artist, but still sent their best representatives.

EXO may have lost Best Worldwide Artist, but still sent their best representatives.

In a win that is stunning to K-Pop fans and will most certainly rock SM Entertainment, EXO suffered the loss of the MTV European Music Award (EMA) Best Worldwide Act to a Chinese pop singer. In the category for Best Worldwide Act, teen heart throbs Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction were seen as the biggest opponents to EXO. The interesting aspect about the fact that they were defeated by a Chinese female solo singer, is that her inclusion in the voting process essentially split the Asian contingency vote.

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Whereas Girls Generation had PSY as competition in the Asian market for the YouTube Music Awards, EXO had to face off against a Chinese national in their category. The win by Girls Generation, last week, and Chris Lee in the European Music Awards speaks to the way in which the Western music industry model is currently failing. Although, artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and One Direction command large ticket prices for their performances, their fan bases are not nearly as fervent as what is witnessed within K-Pop and Asian music as a whole.

EXO lost to Chris Lee, a Chinese pop singer, whose claim to fame was winning the music competition program Super Girl in 2005. Subsequent to her win, she became a pop sensation within China and is also known for her acting skills, as well as her haircut which references rock idol David Bowie. In her final vote for the singing competition Super Girl, Chris Lee received over 3.5 million votes which were established from a strong fan base. Chris Lee has released four albums and has acted in a film, as compared to the two albums released by EXO.

As K-Pop attempts to dominate the world market, there will be wins and losses. It is apparent that SM Entertainment has all but abandoned an American market to target Asia, Europe, and South America. The interesting thing is what happens when SM Entertainment's acts from Korea are forced to face up against their counterparts or challengers from larger countries like China. With the sheer number of Chinese citizens, the voting contingency in China may turn against Korean artists and towards their own artists.

EXO was represented at the EMA 2013 Awards by their members Kris and Suho. They made a great appearance for the group and were fine representatives for SM Entertainment. As K-Pop continues across a global market, what do you think the industry can do to achieve more success outside of Asia?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Girls' Generation's YoonA & Taeyeon Drunk in a Club, True or False?

One of the Hong Kong media outlets Apple Daily has been spreading the reports of the alleged drunken controversy of Girls Generation members YoonA and Taeyeon. The members were reported to be partying late at night at a popular club Lan Kai Fong which is located at the district of central Hong Kong. Apple Daily also reported that Taeyeon was caught in a garbage staggered situation at the back alley of the club drunk and nearly passed out.

The media presumed that because of her heavily drunk situation Taeyeon didn't manage to pull herself through and just stumbled to get back on her feet. Some photos and videos were provided. It was previously announced that Girls Generation World Tour Girls & Peace is currently in Hong Kong for their concert.

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However, this reports appear to be just a false accusation and instead Taeyeon and YoonA is said to be friends with 'Mr. K'

Instead, Mr. K known as Tyler Kwon, clarified all the reports and posted his message on his own Weibo account to clear things up saying,"Happy Bday my favorite baby cousin! Was fun having you in HK (despite that one night), turns out you're famous here now. People think you're Taeyeon and your friend is Yoona~! Lol [哈哈] Anyway, hope you had a safe flight back, say hi to everyone back home for me!"

He also taking action by posting the said girl who was mistaken as being Taeyeon.

Hope this settles all the reports and make it come to a stop!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

K-pop Celebrity Sisters f(x) Krystal and Girls Generation Jessica Pose Together for Weibo Selca

Girls' Generation's Jessica revealed a photo taken with her younger sister.

On October 31st, Girls' Generation's Jessica uploaded a photo on her Weibo and wrote "Boooooo".

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The photo shows Jessica and Krsytal showing cute poses together.

Jessica is showing a 'v' with her fingers, and Krystal is also showing a cute pose.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as "Cute sisters", "What a great photo", "Their parents should be very proud of them", and "I love it".

The netizens have always been a fan of the sisters because of their charms and their beauty. They are also quite the personality bombs when it comes to variety shows. Growing up in the states has probably made them into the intellectual, witty beauties that they are today and it shows that many of that charisma is doing them well. Hopefully we will be able to see the two sisters work on something that combines their musical talents soon. The only times they have ever been on stage together is during their performances for SM Town. Hopefully they will develop something together apart from that and we'll be here to witness it. Until then, the pictures won't be so bad to glance at!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Exploring Fandom: Did EXO Fans Begin A Petition Calling For The Group To Receive Military Exemption?

Is this just a rumor or did fans really ask for military exemption?

Is this just a rumor or did fans really ask for military exemption?

On October 29th, rumors began to emerge that fans of SM Entertainment's EXO had started an online petition requesting that the Korean government exempt EXO from having to serve their mandatory military term. The result was an outpouring of anti-EXO sentiment within the Korean fan community. Even if the petition were started by one individual, which is the claim of fan group, EXO Planet, this individual was successful in reigniting the on-going debate regarding EXO fans.

EXO fans have repeatedly made headlines during 2013. Most fan groups receive media attention for their philanthropic works such as donating tons of rice, in the form of rice wreaths, or assisting with financial aid for the needy. In the case of EXO, most media attention has unfortunately been directed at the actions of saesang fans, whose treatment of the band itself and other fans, have become examples of some of the most excessive actions in K-Pop history. What is it that separates EXOs fans from fans of other groups?

In South Korea and Japan, official fan clubs are a key component of the K-Pop industry, helping to generate revenue for the artists and entertainment agencies. While the concept of fan clubs may sound juvenile or an antiquated part of 1960s marketing in America, they are an essential part of what keeps K-Pop thriving in a global economy where music has been undercut by illegal downloading and rising ticket costs for live performances. The phenomena is best chronicled in the Korean drama Reply 1997 in which one of the main characters helps to lead one of the largest fan clubs in Korea.

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As opposed to SM Entertainment label mates Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and TVXQ, EXO has yet to endorse an official fan club. Membership dues for official groups that average at 10,000 Korean won, allow official fan clubs to hire management or governing bodies. The lack of an official entity means there is no governing body for the fans. While this sounds insignificant, it is a key part of why EXO fans have made the headlines for the wrong reasons, this past year.

In May 2013, rumors which were substantiated by video posted online, showed international K-Pop fans who were attempting to see EXO perform on the popular program M! Countdown receive various forms of mistreatment. Fans who had traveled from countries as far away as Australia and the United States, began to post complaints on social media that they were denied entrance to M! Countdown in a situation that was precipitated by EXO fans. Officials at Mnet, the network which hosts M! Countdown disavowed knowledge of the incident.

Later in the summer, EXO fans were banned from attending live tapings of SBS' Inkigayo. Producers of Inkigayo stated that EXO fans had engaged in general mob behavior, such as using fan signs as weapons, chasing the group through the studio to the streets, and refusing to follow the rules assigned by SBS. The network also noted that the police were called on numerous occasions.

Subsequent to these activities, there was an increase in photos of fans engaging in self mutilation such as carving the name and logo on the band into their bodies. In September, fans disrupted the wedding ceremony of member Baekhyun's older brother, when what was intended as a crowd of support became almost riotous. Earlier this month, Tao expressed his anger and displeasure at saesang fans through his Weibo account.

A frustrated EXO Planet issues a response to the military exemption petition.

A frustrated EXO Planet issues a response to the military exemption petition.

In response to the controversy surrounding the online petition, EXO Planet issued a statement renouncing the actions of whatever individuals began the petition. With 100,000 registered fans, EXO Planet is the closest thing to an official fan club for EXO. This statement is strongest from EXO Planet, in which they threaten legal action if the petitions and negative statements towards EXO continue. With increasing negative attention, will SM Entertainment designate an official club for EXO, helping to create more harmony with in the community? Are saesang fans true fans or are they nothing more than anti fans, in disguise?