Saturday, 9 November 2013

Girls' Generation's YoonA & Taeyeon Drunk in a Club, True or False?

One of the Hong Kong media outlets Apple Daily has been spreading the reports of the alleged drunken controversy of Girls Generation members YoonA and Taeyeon. The members were reported to be partying late at night at a popular club Lan Kai Fong which is located at the district of central Hong Kong. Apple Daily also reported that Taeyeon was caught in a garbage staggered situation at the back alley of the club drunk and nearly passed out.

The media presumed that because of her heavily drunk situation Taeyeon didn't manage to pull herself through and just stumbled to get back on her feet. Some photos and videos were provided. It was previously announced that Girls Generation World Tour Girls & Peace is currently in Hong Kong for their concert.

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However, this reports appear to be just a false accusation and instead Taeyeon and YoonA is said to be friends with 'Mr. K'

Instead, Mr. K known as Tyler Kwon, clarified all the reports and posted his message on his own Weibo account to clear things up saying,"Happy Bday my favorite baby cousin! Was fun having you in HK (despite that one night), turns out you're famous here now. People think you're Taeyeon and your friend is Yoona~! Lol [哈哈] Anyway, hope you had a safe flight back, say hi to everyone back home for me!"

He also taking action by posting the said girl who was mistaken as being Taeyeon.

Hope this settles all the reports and make it come to a stop!

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