Sunday, 10 November 2013

EXO Loses Best Worldwide Act In EMAs To Chinese Pop Singer, Chris Lee

EXO may have lost Best Worldwide Artist, but still sent their best representatives.

EXO may have lost Best Worldwide Artist, but still sent their best representatives.

In a win that is stunning to K-Pop fans and will most certainly rock SM Entertainment, EXO suffered the loss of the MTV European Music Award (EMA) Best Worldwide Act to a Chinese pop singer. In the category for Best Worldwide Act, teen heart throbs Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction were seen as the biggest opponents to EXO. The interesting aspect about the fact that they were defeated by a Chinese female solo singer, is that her inclusion in the voting process essentially split the Asian contingency vote.

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Whereas Girls Generation had PSY as competition in the Asian market for the YouTube Music Awards, EXO had to face off against a Chinese national in their category. The win by Girls Generation, last week, and Chris Lee in the European Music Awards speaks to the way in which the Western music industry model is currently failing. Although, artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and One Direction command large ticket prices for their performances, their fan bases are not nearly as fervent as what is witnessed within K-Pop and Asian music as a whole.

EXO lost to Chris Lee, a Chinese pop singer, whose claim to fame was winning the music competition program Super Girl in 2005. Subsequent to her win, she became a pop sensation within China and is also known for her acting skills, as well as her haircut which references rock idol David Bowie. In her final vote for the singing competition Super Girl, Chris Lee received over 3.5 million votes which were established from a strong fan base. Chris Lee has released four albums and has acted in a film, as compared to the two albums released by EXO.

As K-Pop attempts to dominate the world market, there will be wins and losses. It is apparent that SM Entertainment has all but abandoned an American market to target Asia, Europe, and South America. The interesting thing is what happens when SM Entertainment's acts from Korea are forced to face up against their counterparts or challengers from larger countries like China. With the sheer number of Chinese citizens, the voting contingency in China may turn against Korean artists and towards their own artists.

EXO was represented at the EMA 2013 Awards by their members Kris and Suho. They made a great appearance for the group and were fine representatives for SM Entertainment. As K-Pop continues across a global market, what do you think the industry can do to achieve more success outside of Asia?

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