Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Best K-pop Photobombs Ever

You know when you think you’re about to take an awesome photo and then…


Someone jumps in and totally ruins your moment!!


That’s a “PhotoBomb,” and these are the celebrities who are GUILTY! Here are 12 of our favorite Korean celebs photobombing their pals:

1. B2ST/BEAST member and Me Too, Flower! star Kikwang was totally in his aegyo zone when leader DooJoon leannneeeeddd on into his space!

2. Changmin (Paradise Farm, DBSK/TVXQ) being tortured by Jaejoong (Time Slip Dr. Jin, Protect the Boss, JYJ) while being interviewed.

3. Aquatics with SHINee! Jonghyun and Key having a totally interesting conversation…until Taemin springs up out of NOWHERE!

4. “When Fan Art PhotoBombs.” This totally sexy photo of singer and actor Se7en (Goong S) gets a visitor.

5. Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss) gets bombed by a precious pup!

6. Umm Henry? (Super Junior M) Obviously he didn’t get that Amber of F(x) group was taking a pic with a fan.

7. Onew (SHINee) TOTALLY bombing alllllll three of T.O.P. from Big Bang’s photos!

8. EXO M: “Nightmare in the Dressing Room” Leader Kris not only bombed, but he managed to freak out both Chen and Lay at the same time!

9. Eunhyuk (Super Junior) creeping behind band mate Yesung and Girls Generation member, Jessica (Wild Romance).

10. SHINee: Masters of the Photobomb. Here we have leader Onew, embracing Taemin in a loving hug when Jonghyun shoves his head into the shot.

11. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is sooo into his camera time that he doesnt even notice Sungmin in the background making wild animal hand puppets! (Yahh I know it’s an MV still shot -_-)

12. Hong Ki (You’re Beautiful) and the rest of FT Island filming with a meme dude.

What’s your favorite celeb photobomb? Do you love to photobomb your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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