Sunday, 12 May 2013

KpopCharts Update: Need Dual Boy

Girls Generation I Got a Boy

Girls’ Generation “I Got a Boy” – Vote for it Here!

OOoOOOooOOHH Don’t you want to know what we think about the song? People ask us this just about every time we go on Twitter. It’s so odd! It seems like the reaction to the song is so controversial. Some people love it, some people hate it. Those who love it are accused of either being blind Sones or paid off by SM for saying that; those who hate it are accused of being biased and dumb. What if we have a middle reaction to it? I guess we’ll be blind, biased, dumb, and paid off? The best of both worlds!

Anyhow, we’ll tell you what we think about them when Music Monday comes around and they’re voted in. We’re like, 99% sure they’ll win. So you’ll just have to wait till then!

Interestingly, this is one of the rare songs and videos in which we have people call us up (who know our number) and tell us their thoughts about the song. It’s not something that happens with every song (because thousands of songs are released and our phones would be ringing non-stop), but we’ve had people who don’t like Kpop call us up just to voice their opinions on the song. Oh! It’s so evocative! Thoughts?

Kim Sung Gyu “I Need You” – Vote for it Here!

Man, this is such a pretty song! I know that Nell (or, one of the members of Nell) helped in the making of this song, but doesn’t it sound just so very…Nellian? It sounds more like Nell than it sounds like Infinite, that’s for sure. There’s no Orange Juice in this song. What’s an Infinite song without Orange Juice?

I feel like soon every Kpop artist will have some snacky or junk food associated with them. I can eat Doritos, Bull Jerky, and drink Orange Juice, and a non-Kpop fan would think it’s just an odd meal, while a Kpop initiate would be like “damn: that’s one hella Kpop meal.” Now I just need some band to sing about ranch dressing. I will pimp that song out to no end. Any one singing about ranch dressing is guaranteed to have the full force of my marketing prowess behind them. GET TO IT, RECORD LABELS!

Kim Sori “Dual Life” – Vote for it Here!

*hip thrusts*

*hops over to blue screen*

*films hip thrusts in front of blue screen*

*camera bursts into flames*

*memory card salvaged*

*import to computer*

*computer bursts into flames*

*uploaded it to YouTube before that happens*

*YouTube bursts into flames*

*Internet dies*


Hey: why does blogging about stuff always have to be so thoughtful and stuff? Sometimes I just want to write about silly stuff and how much I dance. CUZ I CAN DANCE SO GOOD! And this song is great for dancing.

Side note: dancing is not just for single men pretending to like dancing just in hopes of getting a woman. Dancing should not be stopped as soon as marriage is accomplished. Married guise can dance with their wives, too. So…yeah. Remember that.

*goes back to hip thrusting*

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