Friday, 16 August 2013

[News] Eunhyuk shares his 'exclusive pictures' with SNSD members

Eunhyuk, SNSD
[News] Eunhyuk shares his 'exclusive pictures' with SNSD members

Super Junior Eunhyuk must be feeling high having taken selcas with pretty SNSD members Yoona and Seohyun.

Eunhyuk attended Girls Generation's Concert on June 8 and cheered for them. Before the concert, the clever Super Junior member made sure he had exclusive photos with the members and uploaded them one by one on his twitter account today. He went to their waiting room to get these picture

As expected, fans' envy rises, "I envy you Eunhyuk!","He has that huge privilege, I'm so jealous!","Wow Eunhyuk so lucky!" and so on.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon on her instagram, thanked Eunhyuk for coming and watching their concert from beginning to the end.

Might expect more exclusive pictures with other members from him.

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