Thursday, 22 August 2013

[News] Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon thanks fans for their love and affection

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[News] Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon thanks fans for their love and affection

Feeling very blessed for the showering love from the fans, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon wrote a sweet letter to express her gratitude.

Taeyeon posted on her Instagram, “There's something that I've always been wanting to say but couldn't really bring up easily. No matter when or where, to capture my appearance so beautifully, I'm really thankful to our fans”, adding that she felt the fans’ sincerity and affection towards her through the beautiful photos.

She continued, “As much as I am thankful, I feel just as sorry towards everyone. It would really be best if there were no dangerous situations or that nobody get hurts emotionally when we meet like this because we can’t help but worry for each other.”

“Anyway in conclusion, photos or whatever aside, I’m saying that I’m always thankful for all your affection and love. Personally, I'd like to learn how to take photos from SONEs keke. How do you manage to make me look like such an energetic, fresh and lively child?”

Taeyeon also cleared out any misunderstandings as to why she suddenly posted such a long message. She explained, “It's definitely not that anything happened today or that I got angry and wrote it in agitation! Haha it’s only because I was really thankful that our fans came to cheer me on even when I was without my members today and left the country alone.”


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