Wednesday, 21 August 2013

[News] SHINEe Key and INFINITE SungGyu As Fanboys: Their Choice?

[News] SHINEe Key and INFINITE SungGyu As Fanboys: Their Choice?

 SHINEe Key fans could possibly feel two different things: sad or excited, with this revelation. Key recently participated in the JTBC show ' Lee Soo Geun High Society' where the host of the show asked his guests the question ' Which female idols do you want to invite to your dorm?'

Key replied "I choose Davichi's Kang Min Kyung". He reasoned out, " I recently saw her advertising an electric shaver and it drew my attention".

Key has made an excellent choice, Kang Min Kyung is a member of the kpop group Davichi and garnered popularity because of her multi talents. She is also known for her Korean dramas like Haeundae Lovers, Vampire Idol and Smile Mom.

However, another guest on the show, Infinite's Sung Gyu also shared his celebrity pick. And he chose Girls' Generation Taeyeon and made his explanation stating, "We're from the same hometown which is Jeonju, so we can talk about our hometown while eating bibimbap."

That's a very reasonable choice isn't it? Since the perfect person to have a conversation with is someone close to you or someone from your hometown. Jeonju is known for it's bibimbap which is a combination of rice dish with vegetables and meat.

The show aired on June 15 at 7:35 pm Korean Standard Time.

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