Thursday, 22 August 2013

[News] Jessica of Girls' Generation turn into a Funky Ballerina?

Jessica, Girls Generation
[News] Jessica of Girls' Generation turn into a Funky Ballerina?

Being a ballerina is one of every girls dream but how about combining ballet with a funky outfit? how does it look? still classy? That's what Girls' Generation Jessica portrayed on her recently uploaded photo.

Fanatics of Girls' Generation's Jessica may be surprised on her outfit she will be the next member to be crowned as 'pink princess' after Tiffany had experience that title too because she's been on a pink-themed madness selca photo lately. Every girl likes pink c'mon. It's a very feminine and cute color I would say.Jessica actually had her pose with strawberries in between, but the girl really likes pink so it's perfectly blend in a strawberry background. For her post, she put on a frilly cute pink tutu along with her pink ballet slippers.

Jessica posted a message saying, "Hi how is everyone doing??" She looks adorable in the two photos, especially in the picture on the right where she's making a funny face.

Jessica is quickly garnered so much attention on Weibo it is an online social site design for Korean fans and artists to interact, and she really had time to create an account just in time for their Girls' Generation's concert held in Taiwan.

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