Friday, 16 August 2013

Female K-Pop Stars Battle of the Abs, 'Working Out vs. Lucky'

Having just skinny bodies is not enough anymore. Having a skinny body is a must have, but having a healthy body with abs is the new thing. Many work hard to receive the body they want while some are born lucky with a perfect body.

The majority of people work extra hard in order to create the perfect body.

Girls' Generation Yuri, whose group recently made a comeback, has worked out very hard to create the sexy 'hip-hop' girl look.

Singer Solbi and Lee Yoon Ji also gained attention through their pictures through social media platforms. They revealed photos of their progress and results.

Then there are the few that are born lucky with great bodies.

GLAM member Jina seemed to have a great body due to dancing from a young age. She didn't think much of her abs until people started to notice them.

f(x) member Krystal is also in the same boat. She revealed that she does not work out and yet continues to have the perfect abs.

Female stars in particular have to keep a fit body because they are constantly seen on TV. Having a fit and healthy body is more important than just being skinny.

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